Concert Vault – A Treasure Trove of Music

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Concert Vault logoConcert Vault – the name says it all.  This is a vault of live musical performances in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  This can be a sweet reminder of the concerts you attended or a chance to hear the ones you missed. You may know this app as Wolfgang’s Vault.  They modernized the icon and simplified the name.  You can listen on your iPhone or iPad


The vault includes an amazing selection of concerts.  There are selections from Bill Graham’s collection, King Biscuit Flower Power Hour, and Silver Eagle Cross Country archive. In addition, new collections continue to be added.  All together, it is an amazing collection of music.   Rolling Stone Magazine said it was “One of the Best Music Apps.”

Price Rating = 5   This app is free

Ease of Use Rating = 4    Easy.  In the beginning, the selection might seem overwhelming.   You can jump into it easily by just choosing the “featured” selections.

Readability Rating = 5    The font is a reasonable size for easy reading.

Will You Use It Rating = 4   It is good for everyday use.  There is an almost unlimited selection of music by genres, composer or artists.   Depending on your music tastes and the time you allow to listen to music, you could use it often – or find it an intriguing complement to your other music apps.

Downsides Rating  = -1  You can get 10 hours per month of free streaming audio free.  If you exceed 10 hours, you will be solicited for an annual membership. If you are a fan of this app and the music and stream more than 10 hours per month, the membership will probably be worth it for you.  Alternately, you can wait until the next month and start your 10 hours over again.

This app is dependent on cell phone tower availability, but could be a great app for long drives.  Driving through a drop zone will result in the stopping and starting of music.  Mildly annoying, but this can happen with any app that requires a live feed.

If you want to share your musical interests through Facebook, it asks for access to your “public information” and friend list.  Some people may be uncomfortable with that.

Consumer Review Rating = 3   In excess of 8,000 ratings with an average rating of 3 stars.   Some people complained about being solicited for an upgrade, some for app crashing.

Why Do You Need This App Rating = 4   Having another option for great music is powerful.   Music can inspire or relax you.  Doesn’t that sound worth it?

How does it work? 

You can search for specific artists or bands, like “Chicago,” and you have the opportunity to hear the August 17, 1969, performance at the Fillmore West.  On the other hand, choose from the featured concerts, which on the day I wrote this included, Duke Ellington and His Orchestra playing “Take the A Train.”    It works much like iPod selections.

Here are a few easy steps:

  1. Choose an option from the Concert Vault menu – Featured, Vault Radio, Playlists, Browse, Artist Search, Most Played or My favorites.
  2. If you select “Browse,” a list comes up of all the artists in alpha order.  Either scroll down or select an alpha letter on the right side.
  3. Choose your artist – either by searching through the list or by typing the name.
  4. A list comes up of possible events.
  5. Choose one by selecting the arrow on the right.
  6. A song list from that event will come up
  7. Choose that song and it starts playing
  8. You can share your musical selection through Facebook or Twitter.

If you have an iPhone 3Gs or above you can stream music when other apps are open.  Devices:  This app can be used on either the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.  It requires iOS 4.3 or later.  App developed by Wolfgang’s Vault.

There isn’t a special app for the iPad.  You can open up the app on your iPad and either enjoy it in the same size as the iPhone app or enlarge it and experience a little bit of fuzziness in the text.

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