TV Guide – No Need for a Printed Book

Total Score:  27

TV Guide app is a great substitute for the printed TV Guide.   The app provides you with a listing of all the channel options in your area.  It has all the functionality of the old TV Guides and features that make it hard to pass up. There is an iPad version of this app. The icon is identical.

Price Rating = 5      This app is free

Ease of Use Rating = 5      Easy.  When you open the app, you are brought to options for that time of day.  You can choose to see options at a specific time of day or in prime time.

Readability Rating = 4      Reasonable size font.  Some of the selection buttons are small on the iPhone.

Will You Use It Rating = 5     If you are a regular TV viewer you will likely use this app daily.

Downsides Rating = 0   I had a few issues earlier, but subsequent updates have resolved my issues.

In portrait mode the font is a reasonable size, in landscape mode it is a little smaller.  That view does offer you a wider time frame, so it is nicer. This will come down to personal choice.

Small ads appear at the top.  They aren’t too much trouble.  I have accidentally clicked one when I was trying to change the viewing time.

Consumer Review Rating = 3     With more than 33,000 ratings users give it an average rating of three.  My view is that it deserves a higher rating than that.  I find it meets my everyday needs for TV viewing.

Why Do You Need This App Rating = 5      If you watch a fair amount of TV you will find this app invaluable.

How does it work?

  1. When opened, it shows the shows available closest to the time of day.   You can turn the phone horizontally and see a longer time frame.  On the iPhone the print is black and the background a pleasant light blue.  On the iPad the background is dark blue and the print is white. With either app the print is completely readable.
  2. If you select a specific show, you can usually see an episode recap.  On the iPhone you can add this channel as your favorite, add the program as a favorite or add a reminder.  On the iPad you can do all that and connect to Facebook or Twitter to share the show info with your friends.  If you do that it asks for permission to know all about you, including your list of friends.
  3. If you want to check something in the future, you can click the arrow that appears after the time.   It is a small arrow and appears to be grayed out – but it works.
  4. If you want to see the prime-time, shows click that tab.  If not select your preferred time.  Then click “OK.”
  5. The iPad app also has a “featured” icon.  That will show you whatever TV Guide decides to feature.  It does have photos and videos.
  6. You can limit the list of stations by clicking on the filter button in the upper left of the screen.  You can choose all, standard or HD channels.   This really shortens the list of stations and makes it easier to select something to watch.
  7. Both apps include an icon to review entertainment news.
  8. If you want to personalize the guide,  select a show and then scroll down to find a selection of choices:
    1. Add Favorite Channel
    2. Add Favorite Program
    3. Add Reminder  ( this can be for a specific show or the whole series)
    4. You can search for a specific show just by entering the name.  It shows you all instances of the show’s appearance for the day.
    5. If you click the “news” tab, you will get the latest entertainment news.

Devices:  This app can be used on either the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.  It requires iOS 5.0 or later.  App developed by TV Guide Online Holdings, LLC.


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