Tap & Track App – Lose Weight by Tracking Calories

Total Score:  26.5

Tap & Track is an excellent app for anyone who is serious about taking a positive step towards a healthy weight.   You can log your food, keep track of exercise and weight, and view easy to read charts that show your nutritional info.  There are a number of apps of this type.  Read on to see why this one stands out as one of the best. Continue reading “Tap & Track App – Lose Weight by Tracking Calories”

Online Banking At Your Fingertips

Total Score:  27.5

Having a banking app on your iPhone is extremely helpful.   This, of course, relates to your personal choice of bank.   All of the major banks have an iPhone app, three are shown above – Chase, SunTrust and Bank of America.  Two of the three, Chase and Bank of America also have iPad apps.

They have small differences in functionality, but in this instance you have to choose one to match your bank instead of the features you want.

Continue reading “Online Banking At Your Fingertips”

TV Guide – No Need for a Printed Book

Total Score:  27

TV Guide app is a great substitute for the printed TV Guide.   The app provides you with a listing of all the channel options in your area.  It has all the functionality of the old TV Guides and features that make it hard to pass up. There is an iPad version of this app. The icon is identical. Continue reading “TV Guide – No Need for a Printed Book”

Kindle App – Books on the go

Total Score: 28

The Kindle App is an enjoyable addition to your iPhone.  Instead of carrying a book with you everywhere, you can always have one handy on your phone.   You download Kindle books through Amazon.com and, if you have one,  sync with your Kindle device.   You can customize your reading experience by changing the background, font or changing from portrait to landscape. The icon for the iPad version of this app is identical to the one above. Continue reading “Kindle App – Books on the go”